Artist Statement

The study of the ebb and flow of nature has brought an inherent organic quality to my work. I saw beauty in the Pennsylvania countryside of my roots and I set out to paint it with an open and honest spirit. My aesthetic and creative process began by capturing the sensations of light and color in our world, along with the emotions these can inspire.
Over time I developed a love for pigment and medium; the chemistry of artistry.  My style gains strength from my exploration and direct handling of these mediums – paint that I have an intimacy with because I make it myself.  
What inspires me is the belief that risk and guesswork will reveal new possibilities. Art is a constant process of experimentation without fear or repression, with the potential of bringing forth new forms.  I try as much as possible to make every application of pigment to canvas an opportunity for discovery.
I'm driven to produce work that reaches forward, moving others to share my conviction that growth and change are positive realities.